Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Bolivia finds non-US market for textiles

What happens to the world when countries decide they actually don't need the US consumer to buy their shit anymore?

Remember how Obama cut Bolivia's trade benefits because they claimed Evo was running a coke factory in the Presidential Palace or some other nonsense? And how everyone was like claiming this meant Bolivia's economy would implode somehow and Evo was doomed?

Well, Lula of Brazil recently decided to lift tarriff barriers on Bolivian textiles equal to the value axed by Obama. However unknown is whether Bolivia can put up an effective tarriff barrier on all the bullshit "analysis" coming out of gringolandia.

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Bina said...

...but really, it was just so Lula would have a good excuse to order himself a cool jacket with aguayo trim, like Evo so often wears!