Thursday, September 17, 2009


Want to know which country won't be getting multi-billion dollar energy firm deals with Bolivia any time soon?

Obama reaffirmed Bush's decision to put Bolivia on the "drug blacklist" for "failing demonstrably" in its anti-narcotics measures. Funny, I would have thought doubling cocaine seizures and maintaining coca eradication would have qualified. I wonder why the US nixed that Czech surveillance plane purchase if Bolivia needed more help.

But don't worry, Obama has signed an exemption for Bolivia and Venezuela allowing the US "to continue certain bilateral aid programs in the two South American countries." (In plain speech: continue support for rightwing opposition groups and coupmongers).

Isn't it weird that the world's three largest narcotics producing countries (Afghanistan, Colombia, and Peru) are all US allies and do not appear on the "blacklist"? What do you think that is all about, eh?

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