Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Capitalists sort of admit Bolivia's success

With Bolivia's economy leading Latin America, with most sable financial macros, Fitch Rating decided to upgrade Bolivia's credit grade to "B".

From the Wall Street Journal online edition:
The approval of a new constitution in January eased some tensions, Fitch noted, while "increased discretionary public spending and conditional cash transfers may continue to mitigate social pressures arising from economic deceleration and declining remittances."

Fitch noted Bolivia has been able to navigate slumping commodity prices and exports while "limited foreign participation in Bolivia's banking system as well as the absence of toxic assets or sizable international funding has shielded the country from fallout from the global crisis through direct financial channels."Despite increased spending by the Morales administration, Bolivia's government has continued to run surpluses.

But I still would not plan on reading about such an economic miracle (unless you are named Peru) outside of China.

Your game is getting tired whitey.

P.S. The Dude slept in as he often does and Otto beat him to the headline.


Anonymous said...

Yes... according to Fitch, Bolivia can pay its debts. Fine. But the real problem is that the poor in Bolivia cannot even get enough food, much less get indebted. Bankers love Evo, as dummy foreigners do.

El Duderino said...


You mean how Evo is using gas revenues to supply school kids with free lunches? Or expecting mothers with hospital care?

Bina said...


Easiest. Pwn. EVER.