Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Hey John Enders, the Bolivian fascists want you dead too

Attention all racist apologist journalists. You know those "democratic" defenders of "liberty" and "free-enterprise" in Santa Cruz you have been writing nonsense on behalf of against the evil "authoritarian" Evo Morales?

Well it turns out they want you dead too- not just the poor little brown people you don't give a shit about, even if they are enslaved by your champions of "freedom". Yesterday, the Mayor of Santa Cruz Percy Fernández (who had previously called for a military coup to topple Morales) called for "traitor" journalists to die- but of "natural causes" so no one would blame him.

Great champions of liberty no? Like Jefferson in the flesh.

For idiots like John Enders who believe Evo is repressing free press in Bolivia. Morales has denounced Percy Fernandez for his threats against the press and ordered an investigation to pursue possible criminal charges.


Bina said...

Now why would he want them dead? I thought most of the Bolivian mainstream media were on the side of the fascists! Are they not far enough to the right, then?

El Duderino said...