Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Manfred gets us to talk about him

When I read President hopeful and corrupt neoliberal reject Manfred Reyes Villa had chosen Pando's genocidal ex-Prefect Leopold Fernandez (residing in San Pedro prison) as his running mate I figured it was a joke and I still do. Apparently the headline has not been retracted and everyone has something to say about it, but well, to me, it all just looks like Manfred desperately trying to get attention in a vain attempt to maybe pass 10% in the polls.

For one thing I could have sworn he had already chosen a running mate, a pretty girl named Adriana Gil. But I guess she is smarter than I thought and jumped ship at some point. I don't know. No one was paying attention.

And not too long ago the government wasn't all too certain Manfred even wanted the December elections to go forward. He might still not. I don't know. I wasn't paying attention.

Ever since he placed a razon-thin close third in the 2002 Presidental elections he has come to believe his Presidental destiny is divinely ordained, even with the collapse of traditional and neoliberal politics in Bolivia, and even after losing in this own hometown 35% to 65% in the August 2008 recall vote. It still hasn't sunken in yet for the guy. In his little mind, it is all just one stunt away.

So is this news really real for real? Eh. Manfred will be out in a few weeks with some other stunt to gain attention which will never translate into votes and will only further make a mockery of the disorganized and delusional opposition. Fail.

But at least it will be harder for dumbasses like John Enders to claim some kind of political oppression under Morales. Fernandez is a genocidal murder for fuck sake. Democracy doesn't get much freerer than that.


Bina said...

Never underestimate the thickness of an ivory skull, amigo. Obviously, these clowns seriously think they have a shot. They've hit every branch of the Failure Tree on the way down, and when they hit the ground, they'll just dig a hole, throw themselves in, and pull the hole in after them.

And with it will go John Enders--tone-deaf apologist for the Hardcore Stupid. I'm just marking my calendar so I don't miss the day!

karaspita said...

Manfred is an egomaniac who will run as long as he has the money to do so - and as anyone who's walked along the perimeter fence of his 5-swimming-pool house in Tiquipaya will tell you, he's got enough to be going on with. The tragic thing is that some people will always vote for him, because he has a reputation for getting stuff done. I reckon he's pissed on his chips with Fernandez though.