Saturday, September 12, 2009

And the carnival clowns start their parade

One year after the massacre of campesinos in Pando by rightwing paramilitaries reasonable people like the United Nations and Morales spent the day honoring the dead, reflecting on the destructive racist and separatist politics behind the violence, and demanding justice for the dead.

But if you are remnant subscriber to the rightwing opposition, the Presidential candidate Manfred Reyes Villa, or if wicked saddism just happens to float your boat, you sent the day listening to encarcerated ex-Pando Prefect Leopold Fernandez's attractive daughter Pamela Fernandez insist that her daddy really didn't kill all those Evo supporters!

The 2006 Pando Carnival Queen exclaimed that her daddy, now the VP running mate with Manfred, is really the victim of vicious political persecution by Morales' government. (As I said, the start of many clowns Manfred will use in his campaign)
The government needs him in jail, the government knows that LeopoldoFernandez is not guilt, but they need him because there only exist two options: either Leopold Fernandez or the government under the hand of Minister Quintana who organized all of this, so they need Leopold guilty.
Confused, what has Government Minister Quintana got to do with the Pando massacre?

Well, after Fernandez's paramilitary goons went nuts the Bolivian corporate press came up with a theory to explain their murderous behavior while blaming Morales for the deaths of his own supporters. They dug up an old tape of Minister Quintana at a Pro-Evo rally in Pando prior to the August 10th Recall Referendum, in which the mandates of both President Morales and the Departmental Prefects were put up to a vote.

At the rally Quintana called for supports to "politically bury" Fernandez, which any sane person would interpret as to mean voting against Fernandez in the recall, but if you are a clinically insane oppo this statement by Quintana in August was actually an order to violently rise up September 11th and murder all white women being valiantly protected by Fernandez or something of the sort.

This delusion builds on the disinformation campaign by corrupt Bolivian journalist (many of them on Fernandez's payroll) immediately following the massacre to confuse the public. The President of Bolivia's Permanent Human Rights Forum explained, "From the start there existed and exists persons trying to hide the deliberate fire of leaders in El Porvenir [site of the massacre], side by side with a methodic campaign of the media to make it appear not as a massacre but rather a confrontation."

These fantasies play perfectly into the racist psychology of the rightwing in whose world Pando's campesinos were always happy and obedient living as peons on a feudal frontier until those nasty commies from La Paz started stirring up agitation with talk about "land reform", "racial equality", "democracy" and other such crazy ideas. (Yes, it is essentially the same logic segragrationists used during the civil rights movement in the US) So when these campesinos got up to march and protest the massacre was a natural outcome, for their own good, Fernandez is not responsible, they should have known better. It was Quintana's fault for giving them such ideas in the first place.

Manfred and the Butcher 09!


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