Monday, September 07, 2009

Opposition set to lose

December is lining up with the rightwing opposition putting on its best genocidal face with the Manfred-Fernandez ticket while all others without the manly balls to murder two or three dozen campesinos are bowing out. Victor Cardenas just got his wife beat up by some campesinos and Jorge "Tuto" Quiroga's terrorist stunts never matched up to that of his mentor dictator Hugo Banzer, so they both dropped out of the race. Morales has publically accused the Manfred-Fernandez campaign of recieving funds from the United States (USAID, ect.), which would be in keeping with previous US support (USSOUTHCOM, cough) for these violent thugs.

Those of you wondering who will take the perverbal "political center" in this year's elections should note that Morales already has the all bases covered in his stated attempt to include representatives from every social sector in his party's ticket. The first Senator on Morales' MAS ticket is Ana María Romero de Campero, Bolivia's ex-ombudsman (public defender) under previous neoliberal administrations and probably the most respected living woman in Bolivia for her work defending and advocating on behalf of human rights. That's right, even the professional middle class of Santa Cruz is getting behind Evo.

So what voters are left for the opposition? I guess whatever nutters still think Leopold Fernandez ought to have massacred a few more dozen campesinos while he was at it.

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