Thursday, September 24, 2009

Shit! The Indians are coming back for their gold!

Now this whole "indigenous rights" thing is getting out of control, just check this out for the AP and Fordes:

Indian activists sieze big gold mine in Bolivia !!!!!

It is almost like these people think they have rights to the natural wealth of the land they have been living on for thousands of years. Haven't they heard about Columbus yet? I mean geez...

But it seems these savagas have been "emboldened by a new constitution" or some other crazy hippy ideas, better whip together a posse. Good thing in the United States recongition of indigenous liberties (they seem to have the strang idea that they lived on this land first) only extends to gold "liberty" coins nerdy white people and museums collect.

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Bina said...

Oh noes, the injuns are getting uppity! They're talking sovereignty now! Send in the marines! Help, help, corporate capitalism is being oppressed!