Friday, September 18, 2009

Spot the difference



Now I understand why the United States believes Bolivia is "failing demonstrably" in its policing of cocaine trafficking. Take this "journalist" Arthur Bruzzone of the SF Examiner look at Bolivia's lithium, "Like Bolivia's cocoa crops, it's all about demand. And like cocoa and cocaine, with regard to lithium, the U.S. remains an energy addict."

You guys can't tell the difference between coca (industrially processed to make cocaine) and cocoa (used to make delicious chocolate!). Explains a lot.

Maybe it is best we just leave the whole subject of lithium behind until this confusion gets straightened out.

Update: Looks like Arthur Bruzzone or the editors have cleaned up their idiocy, without a corrections citation. (Thanks Andrew)


Bina said...

Well, cocoa and coca both have high nutritional content, so to some extent the mistake is understandable.

Plus there's always the mild addiction factor.

Now, if you'll excuse me, the chocolate is calling.


Andrew said...

Dude, check the SFC article link again, it seems your astute criticism has not gone unnoticed. Real sharp, these guys.