Thursday, September 10, 2009

Watch where you point that finger haters

You know what they say about people living in glass houses? Well it seems the Evo haters have yet to hear it.

Not too long ago the Bolivian daily La Razon decided they wanted to demonstrate Evo's disasterous economic policies in the mining sector with hard data. Problem was there are no figures showing problems, quite the opposite actually. So what is a reputable paper, endorsed by The New York Times, to do?

I know, just make up some fake figures showing declining production at state mining operations. Like anyone will notice. It is not the first time La Razon has made up stories.

Oops! It turns out the Bolivian Mining Minister reads! He is filing suit against La Razon.

And then there is the fascist Branko Marinkovic who has announced he will file libel suits against two Bolivian journalists for publishing claims that he financed the neonazi mercenary group broken up in April.

Problem is he did bankroll the bastards (one of nazi punks has already said so) and with the question put back in the public eye, Bolivia's Public Prosecutor has stated that a arrest warrent exists for Marinkovic in connection to the mercenaries but has yet to be acted upon. (Read: Santa Cruz police have not acted upon the warrent.)

So it goes to show you... You know. It's like Lenin said, you look for the person who will benefit and... ah... you know...

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