Friday, October 02, 2009

In Aymara whitey means thief

The German pop music group Cordalis ripped off the tune to the Bolivian group Kalamarka's "Cuando florezca el chuño", a beautiful song about peasant life and potatoes, and turned it into "Ritmo de la Noche", or however you would pronounce that in German.

Original Kalamarka

"Ritmo de la Noche"

Hat Tip to the excellent La Mala Palabra


Bina said...

How embarrassing. One more reason for this Bad German to hang her head.

Bina said...

BTW, the German lyrics are absolutely nothing like the original. It's all about how to do the "dance"--"once this way, once that way, it's not hard." No, it isn't. It's not even challenging. It's utterly banal. It must have taken them all of one minute to "compose" that Scheiße.

Bolivien, es tut mir Leid. So 'ne Unverschämtheit. Diese Bande sind Räuber. Schluß mit dem blöden Globalismus!