Saturday, October 24, 2009

Indigenous Peoples Of Amarakaeri Communal Reserve Issues Ultimatum To Hunt Oil Company

Thank "Indigenous Peoples" for the following English translation.

The president of the native communities from ACE Amarakaeri Communal Reserve-RCA, Adan Corisepa Neri, issued an ultimatum to the U.S. company Hunt Oil Company, through which notes the decision of the people Harakmbut, Yine and Machiguenga going to "leave" should the oil company continue its seismic prospecting work within the indigenous ancestral territory.

Madre de Dios Region, Peru: Location of the Amarakaeri Communal Reserve

As is known, the native communities "amarakaeris" decided to reject two meetings, on 20 August and 13 September last, the exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons within Amarakaeri Communal Reserve.

However, "the decision taken by the beneficiary communities Amarakaeri Communal Reserve not accept the entry of the oil company Hunt Oil and Repsol to RCA, is respected by both the company and the state and manifest abuse of power, ignoring our rights and disrespect for the indigenous people continue to perform their seismic work, which is a challenge that can not afford. "

The statement released today is signed on October 12, 2009 by President of ACE-RCA Corisepa Adan, President of the Native Federation of Madre de Dios River, FENAMAD, Antonio Iviche, and Council Vice Harakmbut, Yine and Machiguenga , COHARYIMA Clement Irey.

This document is resolved to "deal with this reality, the indigenous peoples of Madre de Dios we get up in arms and take action to evict the seismic work within Amarakaeri Communal Reserve and fight to be the case with life, to evict those who do not respect our rights. "

Also, the indigenous people of Madre de Dios invoke the "solidarity" national and international population of the rest of the Amazon of Peru, public authorities and private institutions and international cooperation, so that with this fight "to prevent support once again violate the fundamental rights of the indigenous people of our region."

Pass this letter along so that Hunt Oil cannot play ignorant.

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