Thursday, October 01, 2009

National Parks in the Chapare: Recent Conflicts and Complexities

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On September 26, coca growers attempting to settle illegally in the Isiboro-Securé Park and indigenous Yuracaré inhabitants clashed in a violent conflict, leading to the gunshot death of at least one person and the injury of several others. The clash highlights the complex situation surrounding national parks in the Chapare coca-growing region. In many cases the Bolivian press has misrepresented or misunderstood the complex dynamics in these protected areas.

For example, the Villa Tunari municipal government recently announced plans to construct a new road through part of the Machía Park, which houses tropical animals rescued from captivity. It remains unclear whether the plans to build a road through part of Machía Park are linked to the new highway financed by Brazil through the Isiboro-Securé Park to Beni. Clearly, any road construction in this tropical region will produce notable adverse environmental impact, although Bolivian authorities have complied so far with required environmental protection stipulations. The mainstream Bolivian press has sought to erroneously link both initiatives to an alleged MAS government coca-growing or cocaine-producing agenda within protected areas.

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