Saturday, October 10, 2009

News updates and catchups

Manfred and Goni agree killing brown people is A'ok

Surprise, surprise corrupt neoliberal and murdering scum bags Presidential candidates Manfred and Fernandez are being financed by corrupt neoliberal murdering scum bag fugitive ex-President Goni.

Morales' "indigenous" opposition Sabina Cuellar's electoral campaign was financed by white Santa Cruz businessmen who paid for two foreign PR marketing consultants. The same businessmen who bankrolled the neo-nazi mercenary terrorist cell.

The rightwing opposition are still racists, one Senator recently refering to Morales as "the monkey". Fortunately they are now hopelessly disorganized.

Those predicting problems for Bolivia's gas sector due to declining Brazilian demand have been forced to shut up after Petrobras announced it will not lower purchases until 2019.

US opinionating on Bolivia's lithium reserves is utter nonsense, both right and left.

Tupac Katari is getting his revenge, this time encircling the entire EARTH!

And who would have thunk, even the evangelicals like Evo and Co. Probably has something to do with Evo's subversive communist idea of "religous freedom".

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