Thursday, October 22, 2009

The next Bagua?

Map of Hunt Oils plans to "explore", i.e. destroy, another indigenous territory

If you thought the government of Alan Garcia and his petrol buddies had learned their lesson after the Bagau massacre you will be sadly mistaken.

Despite Amazon indigenous groups proven willingness to die in order to protect their ancestral territories from corporate destruction, Hunt Oil is ignoring demands by FENAMAD (regional indigenous organization) to halt exploration of the biodiversity 'hot spot', and legally protected, Reserva Comunal Amarakaeri (Amarakaeri Comunal Reserve).

FENAMAD has taken every necessary legal step to halt Hunt Oil from exploring the territory (as nicely detailed by Inca Kola News) but Hunt is continuing their exploration. If you watch this video (posted by Otto), you will see FENAMAD has issued an ultimatem and as stated previously will fight "to the death" in order to protect the Reserve.

If Bagau teaches us anything, it is to take the word of Amazonian Natives seriously. They are rational human beings like the rest of us and will follow through on their word. (go to the FEMANAD website for more info in Spanish)

But jackasses like Hernando de Soto still refuse to take these people seriously as human being s with their own ideas as this excellent article at Upside Down World, "The Neoliberal Crusade for Indigenous Lands" takes on the insidious discourse and politics of Hernando de Soto.

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