Thursday, October 15, 2009

Quick leftist note

As you already know, this blog is written by a leftist and I just want to complain about unserious "leftists" of which Slavoj Zizek is a good example.

Coming from someone who has been living down here, any leftist who sees "no hope" in the contemporary leftist politics of South America, as Zizek stated in today's Democracy Now! interview, is frankly not a serious thinker worth much consideration. While entertaining, Zizek is ultimately an uninsightful clown, or the "Elvis of philosophy" as the New York Times put it. Leave him to his "psychoanalysis".

For some real thoughts to chew on IKN spotlights Emir Sader.


Utpal said...

Zizek is flaky.

Mexfiles said...

Zizic is not just flaky, he's European, and Europ-centric I've said before that Europeans develop theories, write a text... then have revolutions (Hobbs, Rousseau, Marx, Hitler -- or here, Freud)... Latin Americans have Revolutions, then write histories.

Bina said...

"You are even better than Fox News, which I usually watch. More amusing."

That alone should tell you everything you need to know about this clown. He's a pretentious moron. Wouldn't trust him to psychoanalyze my cats. (Thankfully, my cats don't need no stinkin' analyst.)

And why do the solutions to the crisis have to be "global"? Seems to me that the whole globalization thing which was supposed to be the answer to all our needs created them. Why not a local one? Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba, etc., are all doing fine with their local solutions--their economies are weathering this crisis a helluva lot better than fucking Slovenia!

Nadi E. said...

!Let it be! Awareness is the most important "thing" in life and the most important for a leftist or socialist should be Humanism and one who considers there is no hope for humanity has already lost the battle. Saludos.

Matthew Hawkins said...

Mex, Hobbes wrote during the English Civil War/revolution (according to Cristopher Hill's history) and his text was not pro-revolution. Marx and Engels wrote the manifesto amidst the groundswells of the 1848 revolutions.

I think Zizek is a tool - and yes Eurocentric. He should stick to his film studies. He is a reflection of a whole bunch of 'leftist academics' who are concerned with ongoing battles of Marxism in their mind, which spiral into the abstract abyss of worthlessness. Marx was euro-centric, but he was not removed even from his own society. Zizek thinks films and five syllable words make reality. Scary is watching Zizek give toys to his son to psychoanalyze 'capitalism' and its affect on a child.