Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Reuters catches on to Bolivian economic miracle

Inca Kola News alters us to an Oct. 1st article detailing Bolivia's economic success under Morales, leading Latin America in growth.

Why didn't I notice this Reuters piece earlier? Because not a single open access web news service published the story so poor people like myself never saw it, unless you happen to have well connected friends like Otto at IKN. Apparently news of successful economic policies by socialists is only for the rich. Good thing or us paupers might get some unruly ideas.


Bina said...

It gets even better: The economic miracle is now spacebound!

And Auntie Bina predicts that Evo will be able to swing it quite handily, give that he's been better for the Bolivian economy than any of his white predecessors combined. (With the honorable exception of Simón Bolívar, of course.)

Toddums said...
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Toddums said...

CEPR's Latin America News Roundup picked up the story, that's where I heard it