Friday, October 09, 2009

A sick joke in very poor taste

On Obama's Nobel Peace Prize, the always quotable Angry Arab:
Aside from expanding the wars of his predecessors, why did Obama win the Nobel Peace Prize? He deserves the prize as much as King `Abdullah deserves the Nobel Prize for Feminism, or as much as Jacquie Collins deserves the Nobel Prize in Literature and as much as Prince Sultan deserves the Nobel Prize for Medicine, or as much as Mini-Hariri deserves the Nobel Prize in Physics. But then again, who really takes the Nobel for peace and literature seriously.
Chances Evo Morales will ever win the prize after years of painstaking national dialogue and negotiations averting a "civil war", violent retribution for opposition race violence, as well as the freeing of enslaved native Guarani communities, the first world leader to expel Israeli diplomats in response to the Gaza assault and call for war crimes prosecutions, and passage of a new constitution banning both nuclear weapons and aggressive war? Practically zero.

I guess Morales should start massacring Pakistani villagers if he really wants to get noticed for promoting "Peace".


The Scarlet Pimpernel said...

C'mon, Duderino. He won the prize for NOT being George W. Bush. Ya think?

Bina said...

I wish they'd give it out for something more than just being better than one's predecessor. His reign is less than a year old, the US still has its nuclear arsenal (and so does Israel), and the wars are not over yet. He's winding down Iraq only so he can ramp up Afghanistan--not exactly what one expects of a man of peace.

Jennifer said...

Just sick. Narcissists don't need anymore attention or encouragement. See smug photos. Someone who has been president for less than a year with virtually little political experience does not deserve the Nobel Prize. It just gives the cult of Obama followers more kool aid. When has war become peace?