Monday, November 02, 2009

Another day in history

Bolivian history is an exercise in uncovering and encountering the forgotten, lost, and repressed.

Thirty years ago 1979, La Paz was overtaken on the morning of November 1st by tank divisions initaiting a bloody 16 day military coup of Coronel Alberto Natusch Busch. Known as the Todos Santos Massacre, taking place over the Todos Santos holiday, the 16 day coup and repression of popular resistence left 8 dead, 221 wounded, and 124 disappeared. Ulitmately serving as only a practice run for the bloodier 1980 Cociane Coup.

images stolen from Indymedia Bolivia

update: Mexfiles picks up on the Todos Santos Massacre in an excellent discussion of coups and resistence in Latin America- thoughts currently directed towards Honduras.

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