Sunday, November 22, 2009

Elections to end democracy forever!

The Wall Street Journal's professional crazy lady Mary O'Grady has distracted her attention from praising Honduras' "democratic" military coup and throwing feces at small children to warn us of a terrible event about to occur in in South America.

Elections! I know, how barbaric. But it gets worse. Turns out there is this President who is really popular and will likely win in a landslide! This means only one thing. The End of Democracy!

You may find that logic a bit, well, loose... but O'Grady explains:
A dictatorship that fosters the production and distribution of cocaine is not apt to enjoy a positive international image. But when that same government cloaks itself in the language of social justice, with a special emphasis on the enfranchisement of indigenous people, it wins world-wide acclaim.
At first I thought she was talking about Colombian President Uribe, but it turns out she means Bolivia's Evo Morales.

Still not making any sense why Bolivians would reelect such a thug? Have no fear. O'Grady has special knowledge somehow overlooked by the European Union and Organization of American States monitoring the December 6th Bolivian elections, "Mr. Morales is expected to win re-election easily, in part because in many areas that he controls voters will be escorted into polling booths to make sure they choose correctly." Good thinking Mary, making shit up never fails!

The article continues like this for another eleven paragraphs. Keep reading if you find the twisted delusions of a mind imploding in denial "fun". Here is something sure to make O'Grady shit a brick.

Evo in front of his supports in Santa Cruz yesterday


Utpal said...

I find it bizarre that a dingbat like this gets to write op-eds in "serious" newspapers.

Bina said...

I find it bizarre that anyone can take the Wall St. Urinal seriously anymore.

Utpal said...

On Wall St. Journal: there was a time it did decent reporting (Jonathan Kwitny did decent reporting on Central America, Daniel Perl on the middle east). There used to be a joke that it was two newspapers: the editorial pages, and the reporting section. In the 80s, it also had Alex Cockburn as a regular columnist (kind of a token leftist, but still it was the only MSM outlet that had a leftist columnist; the editorial page was always whacky). Apparently because of Jude Wanniski and Paul Craig Roberts -- both of them very conservative especially on economic issues, but also libertarian, and have come out as very critical of American imperialism in recent years.