Monday, November 30, 2009

Hungarian fascist needs our help!

The poor soul has been harassing my companera Bina over at News of the Restless and needs a visit from the police. Help him out.


Bina said...

LOL! That made my day. Thanks, amigo.

Utpal said...

Awww they are just misunderestimated!

Anonymous said...

It was just back. I clobbered it.

Bina said...

Sorry, that was me. Butterfingers.

BTW, it tried the pathetic route this time--"What if it was YOUR son?"

How stupid can these fucking people get? (A) I don't have a son, and (b) Even if I did, I'd teach him not to mess with guns and politics, duh! So it would NEVER happen to me, either way.

I guess simple logic is too much to ask of them. (shrug)