Friday, November 20, 2009

Joe Hill ain't no ghost

I am happy to read that someone in the United States seems willing to stand up to the neoliberal ass-raping also referred to as "the Crisis" going on in Gringolandia. Let's hope other take on the example of University of California students and tell their corporate masters to fuck off (or otherwise known as acting like Bolivians). cheers!

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Bina said...

"I never died", says he...

BTW, here's something we chanted when university authorities tried to put this shit over on us in the mid-1990s:

"Fee hikes? No thanks!
Tax the fucking BANKS!"

Still relevant...taxing the banks and putting that money toward such forgotten things as, oh, say, public education--can make a huge difference, and also help avoid ugly scenes like what happened to the kid who got tazed.

Unless, of course, they WANT more protests...