Friday, November 13, 2009

Opposition using their old standby tactic


They know they are finished. Evo has the election locked up. In the latest poll Morales is leading his scumbag challenger Manfred 52-22%. So what is a fascist to do? Do what they do best, club people.
Last night a political campaign rally in support of Morales' reelection on the campus of Santa Cruz University Gabriel Rene Moreno was assaulted by rightwing thugs leaving five injured hospitalized.

This is the third such violent assault (by my count: previous one and two) related to the December elections by the opposition in the last weeks in Santa Cruz. One university student summed up the significance last night,

"This is a demonstration of the pigeons of the dictator, that they do not know how to live in democracy. They are desperate, they know that President Evo Morales is going to demolish this election."

Desperate is right. Evo is cleaning house even in the once supposed "Media Luna" heartland of the rightwing opposition. Check out these photos from a MAS rally with VP Alvaro Linera in Beni (eastern Bolivia) last month.

I believe Woody Guthrie has a few words:

People of every color
Marching side by side
Marching 'cross these fields
Where a million fascists dies
You're bound to lose
You fascists bound to lose!

Update: The UN representative to Bolivia, Yoriko Yasukawa condemned these violent acts.

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