Thursday, November 26, 2009

Please, stop stupidity

What do you know, another Morales=Cocaine article appeared the other day in the Guardian Weekly and then another in the Washington Times. This wouldn't happen to have anything to do with the election, now would it?

All of these smear articles are all based on this year's UN drug study which found an increase of 9% in Bolivian coca production last year. First in needs to be said that these figures are of coca (not cocaine) production. The data is then used to estimate cocaine production, no exact figure for cocaine production exists.

However it might figure that more coca production would go to producing cocaine, so let's just assume it is true for the sake of argument. It would then figure that increase seizures by the Bolivian police would be a sign of increasing cocaine production (a fact cited in both articles). But wait, why have seizures by Bolivian anti-narcotics police increase 148%!!! You do the math.

What do you think these figures are more likely the result of, increasing coke trafficking or herculean police work?

Let's put these figures in some context to help you make up your mind. The amount Bolivian police confiscated in 2008 is nearly equal to the amount seized by Peruvian police in the same year, except Peru's estimated cocaine production is more than double that of Bolivia.

So how should we characterize Evo Morales' stance on cocaine? soft, hard, mild Swiss?

Here is a Morales quote the western press seems to be interpreting as Evo admitting failure in controlling trafficking:

Lamentably, I, as a coca producer, have to tell the truth. The illegal price, the price of cocaine, is what regulates the price of coca. As long as it stays this way, illegal coca cultivations will keep mush­rooming,

Ok, let me explain what Evo is saying here to dumb journalists without one ounce of introspection.

Evo said the coca market is tied to the cocaine market. What Evo did not say here and assumes you understand (or perhaps they are omitting part of the quote?) is that the price of cocaine is set by how much white powder yuppies in the States snort each year. Which is to say, Evo just said the price of coca is set by gringos who couldn't even find Bolivia on a map. So maybe you should stop snorting coke, how about that?

But forget all that, we know Evo is a bad guy because he kicked out the US DEA. I mean those guys do everything they can to control drug trafficking, just look at Colombia.

So please, can we stop with this Morales=Cocaine nonsense? Or at least just stop passing off Dorian Medina's election campaign attack ads as journalism?

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