Friday, December 04, 2009

Who supports Manfred?

I don't see any taxis nearby. Wonder what he means?

"We raise the hand to show that we are clean people without a dark past. It looks like a hitlerian salute but is about an imperial salute."

La Mala Palabra has published an interview with Diego Bracamonte, leader of the Nationalist Bolivian Youth, a fascist group aligned with the Santa Cruz Youth Union and Bolivian Falange. Not surprisingly, they are campaigning for Manfred Reyes as President. No wonder Manfred will be lucky to break 20% in Sunday's vote.


Bina said...

"Clean people without a dark past"? An "imperial" salute?

Um, yeah. Way to link Nazism with imperialism. (Not that it wasn't linked from the very get-go--Hitler explicitly copied his salute, parades, etc. from the Roman Empire.)

BTW, love the way the shirt matches the skin. All he needs now is a cap, armband and Sam Browne belt to go with it!

Utpal said...

On the connection between imperialism and fascism, there's Hanna Arendt's "The Origins of Totalitarianism" and Zygmunt Bauman's "Modernity and the Holocaust".

Utpal said...

Have you guys seen this piece of news? (there's a piece on this on, but I can't cut and paste the piece for some reason)

Apparently Reyes Villa tried to pay someone to do some hanky panky to force a second round.

Bina said...

Well, that would explain why he was in such a hurry to book his ticket out of Bolivia for the day after the elections!

(I wonder if he's also in cahoots with Branko & Co. in the plot to murder Evo. At this point, I'd put nothing past him...)