Saturday, January 09, 2010

"Explosive combination" smacks dying Media Luna

Two studs in hit Beni: Evo Morales and Ex-Miss Bolivia Jessica Jordan

Morales presented the Movement Towards Socialism candidate for the Autonomous Governor of Beni the other day, Miss Bolivia 2006 Jessica Jordan (side note: doesn't she look better without make-up?). Yes, obviously MAS is putting up a celebrity candidate in a traditionally rightwing region in the hopes of attracting voters. Outside observers may think a beauty queen candidate all a tad ridiculous, but some things you should understand about Ms. Jordan.

She is the most popular Miss Bolivia uber-babe in all of Bolivia (seriously, I am not joking, everyone loves her both guys and gals included, its crazy), this in a country (like most of Latin America) where beauty queens are the heights of celebrity. As such she is Beni's favorite daughter, just watch local Beni TV drool all over her. Understandably Santa Cruz also wishes she was theirs.

The daughter of an ex-pat British oil-man you would pin her politics for the rightwing racist secessionism that controls Beni's local government, but to the shock of the assholes in eastern Bolivia (who are now flipping out) she has a conscious and is not on their side. It is also funny to see which western rag picked up the story. Here are some words from her campaign acceptance next to Morales.
Beni no longer wants to be owned by anyone, Beni no longer wants to have bosses, Beni is now ready for the struggle. We are going to struggle with faith and hope for the women and children, for dignity, for the elderly, for the indigenous, for the campesino, for all, because it is the hour of struggle for truth and justice.
Alvaro Linera probably described her political candidacy the best, "an explosive combination" of a woman young, beautiful, and intelligent. That said, seriously, the fascist Media Luna dicktards have nearly a tighter grip on Beni's local politics than in Santa Cruz and any campaign by MAS there is going to be extremely difficult. We'll see and pretend those Jessica Jordan videos weren't already in my bookmarks and I had to do hours of research to find them.

Update: Via IKN, the opposition is claiming that Jessica Jordan cannot run because of the consitutional requirement that Governors "have completed 25 years", Jessica is 24. The election is in April and Jessica turns 25 in May. However, I believe she would not actually take office (should she win) until after her 25th birthday (still hoping for my invite), and would therefore still meet the requirements. Expect the opposition to take it to court and then for the National Election Court to respond with what I said.


Bina said...

LOLin' at that last sentence.

BTW, did you hear about Branko? He buggered off for Brazil. Let's hope the federal police catch up to him before he boards a flight for Miami.

Bina said...

PS: She's still wearing makeup in that pic--just less of it. (Women's eyes don't usually wing out at the corners.)

El Duderino said...

Ok, less. A virus attacked my computer. I have been dealing with that the last couple days so I am behind on this posting business.

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