Sunday, January 10, 2010

Why Obama should listen to Evo

Obama's "Post-racial" America brought to light. Look familiar? Maybe it is time to recongize who all these "anti-immigrant" folks really are and deal with it. For starters Obama could take them up on their charges of "socialism" and start acting like one. His disowned socialist brother Evo has some good ideas on how to run an economy for people who don't just work for banks.

Hat Tip: Pulse


Bina said...

I once read an article comparing the Clinton-era US to Weimar Germany, and the more I think about it, the more I'm certain that the comparison was apt. Globalization has weakened the economy, just as in post-World War I Germany, when the land was ruined by a combination of war reparations and foreign capitalism sucking its economy dry. After BushCo, the country's been overtly fascist, the cost of two diasastrous wars has bled its treasury white, and even the election of a non-white president hasn't changed that. It's just that the fascists have split up along two different lines--the economic fascists, who bust unions and workers, and the racist fascists, who "patrol" the border unnecessarily, throw "tea parties", and attract all kinds of Klukers.

Not everything that's fascist needs to wear a swastika; actions speak loudest, and what I'm seeing is exactly the kind of blind authoritarianism that characterized Hitler's fanatical followers. Only, in this case, their wrath is turned against an elected leader. They want dictatorship, and they're angry because Obama isn't taking things far enough that way, as well as that he lacks the "right" color of skin. To them, he looks like a socialist; to us real socialists, he looks like nothing of the sort--more like a stooge of Wall St. and a scapegoat to neo-Nazis.

But hey, at least one good thing can be said about the scary shit in that video: Homeland Security now recognizes that home-grown wingnuts are the #1 terrorist threat in the US. The question is, will they deal with them appropriately and in a timely manner--before some unknown event lights the fuse? And will Obama back away from his disastrous continuation of the BushCo policy line and be a REAL socialist--which is, ironically, the one thing that could defuse this time bomb?

Nadi E. said...

Any special reason to have removed the video?

El Duderino said...

thanks for mentioning the problem. I've re-embedded a working version.