Monday, February 08, 2010

"Balanced" news from the AP and WaPo

Update: Wonder what happens when you ignore the blog and your email? Well I get a way too nice email from someone much wiser explaining correctly that I was overly critical and picky of the AP and Carlos Valdez this time round, pulling out one sentence that is not necessarily wrong but I just felt was dickish. Quite right, I am hypercritical of the AP on occasion. I hope you understand why.

To the surprise of many(me), the Washington Post and the AP got around to publishing a decent article on Bolivia's attempts to take on gender inequality, specifically Evo Morales' appointment of a new cabinet, half of whom are women. The AP Carlos Valdez's piece even talks about weird foreign concepts like "'Chacha Warmi,' a Quechua-language reference to the indigenous principle of two complementing sexes as the basis of equilibrium in the cosmos."

But being the AP and Washington Post they couldn't help themselves from throwing in one dickish comment about Morales, you know, for "balance". 
And none of Bolivia's female ministers yet belongs to the president's inner circle of most trusted and influential advisers. 
...yeah, trust Carlos Valdez, he knows who Morales really trusts and gets advice from, as if it would be his cabinet ministers... how naive.

And an otherwise decent article is tainted by nonsense. The End. 


Bina said...

Typical. Even when they find something nice to say about Teh Injunz, they still have nothing nice to say about Teh Injun.

Must be fun to be such schizoids...

Anonymous said...

very sophomoric and both you and the WaPo know the facts of what's going on in Bolivia. Quintana is still the puppet master. These women are just his puppets. Do you think it was just coincidence that Patzi got got busted and the press called? Why is Fidel Surco all the sudden more humble about his future plans?

Quintana can move 30 18-wheelers full of contraband freely, and the only one that goes down are the people who blew the whistle. Santos Ramirez was doing nothing different than what these "close advisers" of Evo were doing, his mistake was ask for the VP spot.

El Duderino said...

Me being the sophomore, do you mind me asking how Quintana is secretly directing the entire government now that he is no longer in Evo's cabinet, resigning his post as Government Minister?