Thursday, February 04, 2010

Does Morales’s “socialist” agenda pose a threat to American values?

Andean Information Network

This should quell some fears about how closed to capitalist and American initiatives the new Bolivian pluri-national government could be:

During his campaign, Evo Morales promised that he would reach out to the lowland upper and middle classes and lobby to have the 2010 Miss Universe Pageant held in Santa Cruz.  The lowland city has the stereotype of being preoccupied with beauty queens and contests.
Evo Morales, Culture Minister Zulma Yugar and local pageant organizer, Gloria Limpias, met with representatives from the Miss Universe Pageant on February 1. Representatives will be in the country for a month, visiting landmarks and evaluating whether or not Santa Cruz is an appropriate venue. They plan to submit a full report to pageant owner, Donald Trump.

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theBhc said...

Of course! Any socialism anywhere in the world poses a "threat" to American "values." This is why is must be crushed, anywhere and always. There is nothing worse for American values than the threat of a good example.