Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rosza and the Hungarian connection

Eduardo Rosza Flores in the Croatian paramilitary during the 1990s Balkans Wars

The Bolivian public prosecutor Marcelo Soza investigating the neo-nazi mercenary group in Santa Cruz claims the group's leader Eduardo Rosza Flores had a CIA handler. Rosza was in close communications with known CIA Hungarian asset Istvan Belovai (a.k.a. Scorpion B) planning the Bolivian civil war and Santa Cruz secession that Bolivian police ensured would never come to pass. (And people wonder how Bolivia could find common cause with Iran?) The Achacachi Post has translated the Cambio article on the matter into English.

Istvan Belovai, who died in November of 2009 in the US at age 71, was a Hungarian intelligence officer turned CIA double agent during the Cold War. According to Belovai, he was "Hungary's first Nato soldier". He led a bizarre spy novel style life that Rosza surely would have empathized with. The two right-wing activists apparently became friends in the 1990s during the Balkans Wars (Belovai's exact involvement with US efforts in the Balkans is not yet clear). According to the Bolivian prosecutor Soza, Rosza was in detailed consultation with Belovai over the mercenary groups operation's in preparation for a civil war in Santa Cruz.

This certainly also goes towards explaining the presence of Hungarian fascists in the mercenary group. Just one more layer of a spy thiller that will never be film produced by Hollywood.

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