Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Peoples Conference model of inclusion offers only path forward on climate change

Nick Buxton

In the aftermath of the dismal outcomes of the Copenhagen climate summit, US chief climate envoy Jonathan Pershing was quick to blame the failure on the UN's inclusive approach and proposed that some future meetings should be restricted to major countries. “[It is] impossible to imagine a negotiation of enormous complexity where you have a table of 192 countries involved in all the detail,” Pershing argued, adding that “We are not really worried about what Haiti says it is going to do about greenhouse gas emissions.” For the US, apparently, too much democracy and inclusion is a bad thing.

Bolivia, which along with 160 countries, had been excluded from last-minute talks on the Copenhagen Accord took the opposite approach at the recent World Peoples' Conference on Climate Change and Rights of Mother Earth held in Cochabamba, 19-22 April 2010

Rather than looking to limit participation , Bolivia decided to be more inclusive, inviting not just every government but also representatives of every civil society and popular organisation more than willing to get into “all the detail” of climate negotiations because of its implications for humanity. President Morales in his invitation to the conference said that “As there are no agreements and profound ideological differences on the best way to confront the threats that threaten the world, it is vital that peoples mobilise and decide the policies that need to be developed.”
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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Finland, it's the country for Evo

Evo plays a game of soccer in Finland with his White Indian brothers. Seriously, they are called Sami.

  • Finland is the newest member of the Axis of Evo. Another step towards encircling the Yankee oppressor.
  • Evo has the uncouth manners to tell His Holiness what the rest of the world actually thinks of the Church.
  • And to state the obvious, that Spanish fascists worked with the US to support the 2008 coup attempt.
  • In Bolivia, democracy means this weird thing where people stand up, organize for what they believe in, and then the government negotiates and compromises. Haven't they heard of bumper stickers?
  • Now, what with the collapse and delegitamization of the Bolivian Right, western media is opting to try and co-opt left struggle and discourse for wet-dream fantasies of Morales' eminent downfall. 

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ukamau y Ke: Music for the World

It came to my attention that the Bolivian El Alto hip hop group Ukamau y Ke, of the late Abraham Bohorquez, has released their 2006 album "Para la Raza" free to download. This is a must have and a must share.


The song list:
1. Intro
2. América Latina
3. Burguesía
4. Autonomía No
5. Estamos Con La Raza
6. Periférico
7. Escuelas
8. Niños de la Calle
9. Tupac Katari
10. Fusil Metralla
11. Wila Masis
12. La Coca
13. Andino América

I will let others comment on the genius of this music. All I have to say is America Latina está aca...