Sunday, May 23, 2010

Finland, it's the country for Evo

Evo plays a game of soccer in Finland with his White Indian brothers. Seriously, they are called Sami.

  • Finland is the newest member of the Axis of Evo. Another step towards encircling the Yankee oppressor.
  • Evo has the uncouth manners to tell His Holiness what the rest of the world actually thinks of the Church.
  • And to state the obvious, that Spanish fascists worked with the US to support the 2008 coup attempt.
  • In Bolivia, democracy means this weird thing where people stand up, organize for what they believe in, and then the government negotiates and compromises. Haven't they heard of bumper stickers?
  • Now, what with the collapse and delegitamization of the Bolivian Right, western media is opting to try and co-opt left struggle and discourse for wet-dream fantasies of Morales' eminent downfall. 

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