Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ukamau y Ke: Music for the World

It came to my attention that the Bolivian El Alto hip hop group Ukamau y Ke, of the late Abraham Bohorquez, has released their 2006 album "Para la Raza" free to download. This is a must have and a must share.


The song list:
1. Intro
2. América Latina
3. Burguesía
4. Autonomía No
5. Estamos Con La Raza
6. Periférico
7. Escuelas
8. Niños de la Calle
9. Tupac Katari
10. Fusil Metralla
11. Wila Masis
12. La Coca
13. Andino América

I will let others comment on the genius of this music. All I have to say is America Latina está aca...


Bina said...

w00t! Da Dude is back!

And double-w00t--he's back with music!

Anonymous said...

Hey Duderino!

You've got to see this video:
ROME REPORTS TV News Agency - Bolivian President Evo Morales visit with the pope, spontaneous and impolite

If that title isn't funny enough, you've got to hear the 16 year old valley girl who narrates!

It's like Paris Hilton converted to Catholicism, but retained her original passive aggressive charm...

El Duderino said...

Sweet Wet Burrito!

Thanks Paul.