Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Re-Branding USAID

USAID has acquired somewhat of a bad name down "South of the Border". Apparently people get all fussy when a few million dollars get, err.. misdirected to fascists and coup plots. But the master of branding, Obama, has got a plan to fix these misunderstandings. Hire political consultant Mark Feierstein, of the acclaimed Greenberg, Quinian, and Rosner firm, to head USAID programs in Latin America! I mean, what could possibly go wrong?!

I am now taking bets on when Morales officially gives USAID the old boot, kick in the ass.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Another World is Possible: Pablo Solon at US Social Forum

"The small example of Bolivia shows that it is possible, if we are able to unify and organize ourselves."

Video of Bolivian Ambassador to the United Nations, Pablo Solon, address to the US Social Forum. Link to Video.

Hat Tip: Censored News

The Media Empire Strikes Back: Reviewing Reviews of South of the Border

by Cyril Mychalejko
Oliver Stone’s new documentary about Latin America’s leftward political shift and its growing independence from Washington is being lambasted by the media. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as Stone calls out the mainstream media in his new film South of the Border for its mostly one-sided, distorted coverage of the region’s political leaders—most significantly Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez.

In an interview with CBS about his new film Stone remarked about America’s obsession with empire, maintaining global hegemony, and the paranoia that accompanies such obsessions, saying, “We’re a sick country.”

And as if on cue, the mainstream media has published a flurry of attacks on the documentary, consequently supporting Stone’s arguments in the film about ideological biases and misinformation  tainting media coverage about the region, while revealing symptoms of this “sickness” he mentions, such as intellectual impotence, pathological lying, and ideological blindness.
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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Bagua one year on

Peruanista put together a video retrospective on the Bagua massacre by Alan Garcia's neoliberal government and continued impunity.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Obama deploying US Special Forces to Bolivia

Jeremy Scahill and The Nation reveal that Bolivia is included in the list of countries in Washington's "secret war", where Joint Special Operations Command forces are deployed to act in "pre-emptive or retaliatory strikes". These secret units are otherwise known to the rest of the world as terrorist sleeper cells

But this revelation does not come as news to Bolivia. Above is one of these dirt bags, Lt. Commander Gregory Michel photographed in 2008 during his arrest by Bolivian police after he pulled a gun on a prostitute in Santa Cruz. He was freed within hours on insistence of the US Embassy, claiming "diplomatic immunity". By coincidence, this foolish incident occurred just weeks prior to the attempted fascist coup in Santa Cruz.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Lest we forget

No one has yet made this obvious historical analogy, so I will

As you may have learned in high school history class, in 1914 Germany went to war with Britain. In a vein attempt to starve out their enemy, the German Navy set up a blockade of the British Isles in international waters. 

In 1915, a civilian ocean liner, the Lusitania, bound from New York to Liverpool was warned by the German government before departure that they put themselves at risk in breaking the German blockade. On approach, off the coast of Ireland, a German U-Boat attacked the Lusitania, sinking the ship and killing the civilian passengers. 

Following the attack, what we would call today a "public relations shit storm" for Germany followed in the United States and Britain. The German government defended their attack on the civilian ship by claiming that it was the Lusitania that brought the attack upon itself by entering a "war zone", of which the crew and passengers had been warned. Germany also made the dubious claim that the civilian ship in fact "carried contraband of war", it "was naturally armed with guns". 

Nobody much bought into the German propaganda bullshit and German officials were condemned in the international press as "war criminals", paving the way for the US entrance into the war against Germany in 1917. 

Considering all that Germany suffered in the 20th century as consequence of aggression and imperialist action by their leaders, what nation would be crazy enough today to emulate such an example of behavior? 

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

US sponsored Bolivian military coup

Via Structurally Maladjusted and IKN: Newly declassified US State Department documents reveal beyond any doubt that the US paid nearly half a million dollars to support the 1971 rightwing military coup of Hugo Banzer, the monster seen above left with Augusto Pinochet. Just one more crazy commie conspiracy theory about the Great Satan proven true.

The streets of La Paz during 1971 coup.

exclusive: the u.s. paid money to support hugo banzer’s 1971 coup in bolivia

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