Saturday, July 24, 2010

Carping Critics Reject Bolivia's Struggle

Penny Cole

By hosting the People’s World Conference on Climate Change, the Bolivian government offered much-needed leadership in opposition to the majority of the world’s corporate-sponsored governments.
The agreement on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth which emerged from the conference is a significant step forward in thinking and planning for the future of human society and nailing the real problems we face. It states:
The corporations and governments of the so-called ‘developed’ countries, in complicity with a segment of the scientific community, have led us to discuss climate change as a problem limited to the rise in temperature without questioning the cause, which is the capitalist system...

The capitalist system has imposed on us a logic of competition, progress and limitless growth. This regime of production and consumption seeks profit without limits, separating human beings from nature and imposing a logic of domination upon nature, transforming everything into commodities: water, earth, the human genome, ancestral cultures, biodiversity, justice, ethics, the rights of peoples, and life itself.
It was only a matter of days before critics of the document emerged, complaining that it doesn’t specifically attack the oil and gas corporations and that Bolivia itself has oil and gas. Some go further to criticise the Bolivian government for BEING a government, on the basis that all government is bad!
The government of Evo Morales did not come about by accident, but through a range of powerful social movements – against water privatisation, against the ban on coca production and against the oil and gas corporations. These had to find a political expression and the form that took was Morales' MAS party. 

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Friday, July 09, 2010

Washington Still Has Problems With Democracy in Latin America

Mark Weisbrot
Sacramento Bee (CA), July 8, 2010 

Imagine that Barack Obama, upon taking office in January 2009, had decided to deliver on his campaign promise “to end business-as-usual in Washington so we can bring about real change.” Imagine that he rejected the architects of the pro-Wall Street policies that had led to economic collapse – such as Larry Summers, Tim Geithner, and the stable of former Goldman Sachs employees that runs the U.S Treasury Department – and instead appointed Nobel laureate economists Paul Krugman and Joe Stiglitz to key positions including the chair of the Federal Reserve.
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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Peruanista on Vicky Pelaez

Carlos A. Quiroz of Peruanista talks about the alleged "spy" case of leftist journalist Vicky Pelaez on Russia Today. Not one "human rights" organization in the United States has so much as whispered a word of concern over the case.

More on the persecution of Vicky Pelaez:

Thursday, July 01, 2010

I am with Evo

Evo Morales with fellow fans at Argentina's South Africa World Cup opening game

Dr. Morales has a prediction. Not only do they kick ass but are also awesome. Maradona! Maradona!

Update: Bummer. Netherlands vs. Spain... come on....

Ecuador tribe in rare visit to help clean-up Lousiana oil spill