Saturday, August 07, 2010

Jean Friedman-Rudovsky: How Green Is Evo Morales?

The excellent Jean Friedman-Rudovsky's latest piece on Evo, evaluating his administrations at times contradictory environmental policies, goes beyond the usual "carping critic" of western observers. That goes something like this:

Ignorant gringo: OMG! Evo Morales is an Indian who wants to save Mother Earth, WE ARE SAVED!

Ignorant gringo two weeks later: You know what I just read. That in Bolivia, they have huge mines that pollute the water, rivers, and kills fish. Evo is such a hypocrytical asshole. He must just be a dirty demagogic commie. The New York Times was right! 

Ignorant gringo later that day: Gosh, politics is so stupid. I am just going to blog about my feelings and work on my compost pit.

Instead of devolving into a delusional egoistic apolitical spiral, someone like Jean, actually asks those crazy Indians what they think about these problems and contradictions. What you end up with is a more complicated story that is far from over, in which Evo is only one actor trying to balance the demands and needs of a whole fucking country in a genuine effort to improve the daily lives of Bolivians.

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