Monday, August 16, 2010

Rosza informed CIA of plans to attack Venezuelan and Cuban humanitarian missions

According to the investigation lead by Bolivian anthropologist Wilson Garcia Merida of communications between the right-wing mercenary Eduardo Rosza and his CIA handler "Scorpion B", Istvan Belovai, Rosza hatched plans to attack Venezuelan and Cuban humanitarian missions in Bolivia. 

Eduardo Rosza was a Croatian-Bolivian professional mercenary hired by the fascist civic leaders of Santa Cruz to spark a civil war through terrorist attacks and advise in the formation of paramilitary groups. Rosza's mercenary cell was broken up by Bolivian police last year in Santa Cruz, an operation in which Rosza was killed. Among his personal belongings were discovered communications with known CIA asset Istvan Belovai, a friend of Rosza from the 1990s Balkans Wars. 

The new investigation reveals that Rosza informed Belovai of specific attack plans such as the murder of Venezuelan and Cuban aid workers in the Bolivian Amazonian department of Beni. 

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Bina said...

The more I learn about this bastard (and his fanatical followers in Europe), the more I loathe him. And the gladder I am that the Bolivian federal police were shooting straight that night.