Thursday, September 30, 2010

Coup attempt in Ecuador

President Correa being pulled from tear gas attack by police (photo: Rueters)

An eventful day has transpired in Quito, Ecuador where a police mutiny against leftist President Correa ended in a botched rightwing coup attempt. IKN has been posting all day (like the true champ Otto is) and this Telegraph article gives a basic run down, and Eva Golinger gives the larger political and historical context. Correa is back in the Presidental Palace after the army rescued him from a siege at a hospital by the police (requiring a gun battle with as of this posting unclear casualties). 

Evo Morales has firmly denounced the coup attempt, "an attempted coup against ALBA and UNASUR", and called the defense of Correa a "defense of democracy, of Latin America, and the transformations occurring in Latin America" while claiming that the Ecuadorian right is trying to take down Correa with the help of the United States, "a conspiracy intended to end anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist presidents".

In Ecuador, Correa's supporters have come out onto the streets. And there are lots...

Update: More resources from Upside Down World

CONAIE on Attempted Coup (Ecuador's pan-indigenous organization)
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