Saturday, September 11, 2010

How some people honor 9-11

Jorge Medina argues for legislation against racism in the Bolivian Plurinational Assembly

It may surprise you, but in other parts of the world 9-11 is not just about New York, mosques, and hateful preachers. Down south people tend to remember US backed fascist coup d'etas. In Bolivia, it is the second anniversary of the massacre of campesinos in Pando by paramilitaries of a US backed governor during the failed fascist coup attempt

In the effort to ensure such crimes never happen again, the Bolivian Plurinational Assembly passed new legislation against racism for the anniversary. The intention is to criminalize the insidious politics and journalism of hate which created the atmosphere in which the Pando massacre and fascist coup became a possibility. Imagine that.


Paul Escobar Veeeeatch! said...

Great post.
The bubble that is the north appreciates your attempts to pop it.

Anonymous said...

from the proposed law:

"medio de comunicación que autorizare y publicare ideas racistas y discriminatorias”. in other words any criticism of the morales government is because he is an Aymara indian, therefore punishable by the new law.

..and please don't say that this won't be the case. all western romantics of evo think that anyone who is in opposition is either a racist, oligarch or a racist oligarch.

El Duderino said...


"Communication medias that authorize and publicize racist and discriminatory ideas"

You got a problem with that racist? How about you shut the fuck up.