Thursday, September 02, 2010

Washington Post dreams lithium while Bolivia moves ahead

Evo Morales in South Korea signs lithium agreement with S.Korean President Lee Myung-bak

In the backward third-world country called the United States, one of their major news papers, The Washington Post, has got word about this new shiny metal called lithium. They have discovered that it is very important for the production of electronics and in the distant future, one day, they may even be able to manufacture batteries for electric cars- once they rediscover how to build a functioning automobile. 

It also turns out that lots of this lithium stuff is located outside of US military control, in this country called Bolivia. Brian Palmer for the WaPo explains:

Bolivia, too, has vast deposits and has also started to refer to itself as "the Saudi Arabia of lithium."

Err, maybe I missed the banners in the Ministry of Mining. Which Bolivians are saying this again?

An article in the New Yorker...

Oh, for a thorough take down of the New Yorker Lawrence Wright's parachute journalism on Bolivia and lithium, see the Andean Information Network. What else did this New Yorker article claim that the Washington Post is now reprinting five months later as "news"?

New Yorker in March detailed the trouble Bolivia is having attracting investors to its lithium, mainly because of inadequate infrastructure and President Evo Morales's predilection for nationalization.

We can confirm this fact using the advanced research tool known as Google (careful: may require ten years of uni to operate). And we find that five days ago, Morales was in this country called South Korea (do they make electronics or something?) to sign a memorandum of understanding for a joint pilot lithium research and processing project. Gosh, that nationalization thing sure is a terrible thing. When will Morales wake up to the desires of Wall Street the international market?

Maybe they will let us know when the US press corp wakes up to the 21st century.

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