Saturday, November 13, 2010

Coup University: SOUTHCOM and FIU Team Up on Counterinsurgency

Adrienne Pine

As it has done with great success throughout the past century, the U.S. militarycontinues to find ways to use the academy and anthropological concepts to whitewash its imperialist actions in the service of U.S. corporate profits. In Latin America from 1963-1965, Project Camelot set a dark precedent for the use of social science to abet and legitimate counterinsurgency operations including psychological warfare. Now, the U.S. Military's Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), the Pentagon's arm in Latin America and responsible for all U.S. bases the region, and Florida International University (FIU) have partnered in the creation of a so-called "Strategic Culture" Initiative, a center that hosts workshops and issues reports on the "strategic culture" of different Latin American countries. At present, reports have been issued from ArgentinaBoliviaBrazilChileColombiaCubaEcuadorEl SalvadorGuatemalaHaitiNicaraguaPeru; and Venezuela.

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Anonymous said...

Blech. Like there isn't enough suspicion towards researchers in rural Bolivian communities without being suspected of being a CIA operative.