Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fun with Fox News and Polls

Fox News is having a tantrum that some Indian named Evo Morales thinks he has the right to tell Defense Secretary Gates a bunch of true statements to his face just because Morales is the President of a sovereign country or something. Why give "50 million dollars" in aid to Bolivia when they act like an independent country? The ever insightful FoxNews readership has chimed in with their own reasons in the comments. We have selected a few choice responses (without modifications!) and are asking your humble opinion as to which is the best. Put your thinking caps on! 

1. chrisj49:
Stop the foreign aide, stop paying the UN, let them fend for themselves I doesn't matter what we do they still hate us. Let's give them a good reason. If they become a direct threat to us wipe them out

2. bolivianwingnut:
YeeHaw! Finally I am reading a news article that honestly desrcibes President Evo Morales presidencey. I have lived in Bolivia and watched it take place! I have felt for years that the US should cut off all aid. Every single penny. If that had been done long ago maybe they would have realized how great a help it is and also see the error of their ways. Socialism doesn't work!

3. flyingpossum:
Yes! We need to keep supporting them. Their women are the sickest, freakiest ho-ma's in all of the Americas (except maybe Venezuela). We need to keep them fed and breeding so as to maintain a constant supply of young, servile wenches for wealthy Americans to use for entertainment.

4. blackshirt:
In our current state of affairs and with the economy the way it is, I do not believe we should be giving money to anyone. If you do not have it, Don't give it away. How is giving something that you do not own different from stealing?


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